Cos we're the famous CFC

I eat, breath, and sleep soccer.

I bleed blue.

Chelsea FC till I die.

DTOM USMNT till I die.

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Best moments of 2012 / video - Chelsea fans singing our hearts out after going 2-0 up against Liverpool in the FA Cup final. Super Chelsea & Que Sera Sera (an adapted version.. after all we were already at Wembley, next stop was Munich, Germany)

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Frank Lampard we want you to stay

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willlllll don’t. stahp it. oh well. i’m watching my match late b/c things gettin’ weird around here so we’ll probably win when i’m not watching haha

Hahaha I have to be up at 7 anyways sooo……


ughhh … its either you go for length or you go for quality. hear my cries tumblr!!

What’s the .gif maximum file size limit nowadays?

A Martyr Among The Many


It’s already been a year. February 1st, 2012 – Al Ahly versus Al Masry – 72 people dead – Port Said, Egypt. It was what it was.

Today marks the one year anniversary to the incidents. The memory of those was clearly visible as Al Ahly took to the training grounds prior to their game against Ghazl El Mehalla tomorrow.

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I got Photoshop againnnnN!!! woo!!

Anonymous asked: have you ever been in love?

indeed I have anon.